Who is this?

Who is this spammer that knows?
by joseph hargraves
Who is this spammer that knows
that I want Viagra? And cheap, no
prescription Vicodin? Who told him
I wanted a bigger dick? And to look at
big tits? He knows me better than
my friends; cares more than family.
He thinks about me all the time. He
is going to transfer 25 million dollars
from his Nigerian Bank into my US
account because I just sent him my
information. He emails me all day,
everyday. For the first time in
my life someone really loves me.

0 thoughts on “Who is this?

  1. what isn’t. The preponderance of post-modernist-ish-esque-isms there are, one would think a schema of niches deconstructing the post-modern would have an eventual conclusion of a denouements.
    Not sure what the referenced book reference is referring to. Perhaps if I strain my neck I could get it up my own far enough to see what he’s looking at.

  2. The ending to Education Sentimental, the parrot apparition, a symbol of illusie desire and futility.
    The poet got my reference automatically. Hfx, don’t strain anything except your peaches. hehe

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