red betta fish

red betta fish
by halifax
Seen the splice
a part in the lens
separating sides
my eyes move independently
the film watches me
disturbed sometimes
Edit when it happens
the film must be clean
the colored rocks
they warble in my mind
like distant relatives
better versions of me
the green foreigner.
Ate him roots and all
he tried to mingle
with my perfect family.

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  1. I found a hexidecimal aberation in the html java-script for this poem’s plug-n-play hyperlink…i think it might be an incompatibility with the OS USB port converter that sometimes overloads the temporary memory storage capacity unit.
    But otherwise, i liked the poem. I found myself wishing that “the colored rocks/they warble in my mind/ like distant…” harems instead of relatives. Beggars can’t be buggers though. The poem is prophetic in that it was written before the fateful capture of Roman Polanski in Switzerland. Moral: never fly to Switzerland to accept a lifetime achievement award and always require a birth certificate before bedding young babes…”Ate him roots and all/ he tried to mingle/ with my perfect family.” Sweet Jeesh, she was only 13 and was consentual…they used to do that everyday in the Middle Ages.

  2. Well, i believe syphillis was a ‘gift’ from the New World which would post-date our beloved time of knights, castles, maidens, and in-breeding. We gave smallpox and a host of other pleasantries to the ‘Indians’ or natives of the Americas and they gave we Europeans syphillis to take back home to the wife and kids. But yeah, i wanna say typical ages back then were like up to 40 years old, just like it was for the ancient Egyptians, so indeed, you would no sooner come out the womb, were taught the birds and bees, and let loose upon the world. Ah, he’s 11 and a man ready to leave the house. Of course, if they were pretty good farmhands they might be kept around for a while.
    I’m not sure about the Tincture of Quartered Poet Entrails, but i believe the Scottish once captured an invading homosexual English King and killed the poor chap by sticking a red hot pocker up his arse. I don’t have anything against homosexuals, just the invading ones who are always pitching for invasion…you know, just stay home and work on crop rotation like Age Of Empires for the PC. lol.
    But i can identify with the ‘quartered poet’ thing…i too have spilled my guts for a mere quarter…and these days it usually takes 5 of them to buy a coke which is the near-only consumer product that can make me smile.

  3. yeah- their Nazi color scheme has always screamed “smile!” at me too.
    Drink Herr Quasi Then you must do your Kegel Exercise!
    Pellagra was also a “gift” of the Native Americans to visiting Europeans.
    Didn’t the Middle Ages end in 1500? Simony was last widely practiced until the law of Julius II, enacted in 1503.
    One might say those three things serve as side-effects of the times that needed a palliative.
    I think through the tortured inking of many underpaid poets, more aptly given to pouring their guts out than to alcohol, the world has been made a better place. I wouldn’t want Western Culture to have gotten past the curative process just to have another Roman take a child-bride excusably.
    Keep your Nazi beverages, and randy English kings away from my nethers. Make your brand of crop circles over there…on your side of the playground kid-o.

  4. oh i thought red was a symbol for the communists…like red China and red salmons who swim in communes. I do like that actress Katherine Kegel though, ’27 dresses’ was the bomb. Simony is still in practice though, cause confessionals are the main hook-up venue for loose Catholic chicks who want to get paid ‘by the confession’ rather than by the hour. The law of Julius was virtually dismantled and made impotent with the widespread popularity of so many ‘Orange Juliuses’ in so many hip malls.
    Uh yeah, i take back the Polanski comments, didn’t know about the champagne and qualudes…uncool. Too Caligula for me. “Pianist” was a good movie though.
    I date the Middle Ages to about 1977 which was when pop-rocks were first marketed, i believe.

  5. I stand corrected. Resorting to Pop-rocks and Quaaludes marks the transition in many middle-ages.
    I like being an ass with you. You ever get tired of it- let me know BEFORE the Scottish proctologist smithies are sent for.

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