real life

Real Life
by kim addonizio
Here we walk without wallets,
no keys to anything. The gates
swing open, we move among the
cows, hot hills, at night through wet
foxtails; the kitchen light hums
winged things circle it. Yesterday
you slit a snakeskin and found
the diamond pattern interrupted,
in the center, by a heart:
covered it in salt, tacked
it to a board for drying out.
This evening it’s soft, the scale
you peel for me a tiny
translucency in my hand.

0 thoughts on “real life

  1. Seems to indicate a feeling of ‘shedding unneccessary hindrances’ in life to see clearly…man and woman back to nature having a ‘Walden moment’ and perceiving holistically simplified. We need more time like this with clarity of our place and who we are…rather than just getting dog-drunk at the sports bar…there is a transcendental eye lying dorment in our cyclop’s dream fandangos. i know you won’t kiss and tell. Thx for poem, enjoyed the read. a lot of people would wrap around ‘The gates’ and ‘Yesterday’ but i thought it was different looking here and cool enough.

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