the meat eater

The Meat Eater
by nathaniel kostar
She said,
I am a vegetarian because I find the treatment of animals and the meat industry in this country to be appalling.
He said,
I am a meat eater because I find the taste of animals to be delicious.
She said,
Do you know how many hormones they pump into chickens to make them bigger, so that us fat Americans will be happy?
He said,
No, I don’t.
The waiter came to the table
and took their order.
She said,
I would like the vegetable dumplings and the mixed vegetable soup. Thank you.
He said,
Give me the sesame chicken, pork fried rice, and a side of boneless spare ribs. Thank you.
She said,
Do you know a chicken, a pig, and a cow were all killed so that you could have one meal?
He said,
Do you know a man, a woman, and a child were all killed so that you could have your “freedom?”She said,
No, I did not.
They ate together
In silence until
He said,
With every bite I can hear their cries, the chickens are clucking, the piggies Squealing, the cows moooo–
She said,
–You’re an asshole.
He smiled,
She smiled,
They laughed.
He leaned across
The table and kissed her.
She said,
Eww your breath stinks
He said,
That’s their souls.

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