by ll long
Everything you are about to read is true. Everything I say is a lie. I write my book every day. I am a self-animating golem carving emet on a clay tablet every morning of my life. I am fiction. I am my own invention. I can change at will. I am a shape shifter, adapting and blending into my surroundings, camouflaged and invisible, all the better to observe. You. I am the darting squid, armed with innumerate jets of ink. You will not elude me and the bathysphere will not protect you. I know who you are. I will invent your story.
I am fictionista, with the political overtones that the neologism suggests. Fiction is a transgressive act. I am Che Guevara armed with a quill pen instead of an automatic weapon. That is a lie. The computer is my automatic weapon. No more are fictionistas shackled to cap-and-ball armament. I am Promethean, fire-stealer. I am doomed. I have already stolen your story and made it mine.
To alter reality is to transgress. I could write out my biography for you in a few short sentences. Would you believe me? Would it matter? I am creator and destroyer of my own truths and fictions. I am Loki, mischief maker. I am a wounded god. I am mortal. Or am I?
I was born. This much is true. I grew to adulthood. I am a woman. I am no one. met. I am gone. I vanish. I exist in the ether. Perhaps I’m hiding in a cave or under a rock, waiting. Writing is guerilla warfare. Life is guerilla warfare. Our theatre, the mind. I am armed and dangerous. You are my quarry. I will excavate your truths and your lies and reveal them to you. By showing you who I am (am I?), I will hold up a mirror. I am you. That is a lie. I sow confusion. I crack open the clear vial of truth. It is a new truth every day. Every day a new pack of lies nips at my heels. They are my own invention. With a keystroke, they disappear. This is the power of the fictionista.

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  1. “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” Thus spake Jesus according to the text you left in my bible in Matthew’s testimony (Matthew 10:34). I like how you pared down contradiction, such as when you jokingly included “While they were telling these things, He Himself stood in their midst and said to them, “Peace be to you.” in Luke’s testimony (Luke 24:36).
    Good news- good news….I do like to hear you. Yell it louder outside my gate next time. I couldn’t hear you over the rooster this morning.
    The Fictionista is dead. Long Live Ficionista.

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