January 1993

January 1993
by drew deGennaro
The breeze
Bothers the bushes
Frazzles the trees
Pushes against the door
Of the car
Where I am trapped
Buckled down
Next to me
Sits my sister
The breeze
Hits the car
Like big rocks
Make us sway
In and out of traffic
On Highway Thirteen
In Littleton Nebraska
An hour from the house
The sky
Lights up quickly
Throwing snowballs
At our windshield
Covering the view
Of the road
The wipers
Can’t handle
The mess
The Mini-van tires
Side to side
Over the black top
The corn stalks
Covered in white
Dressed for winter
In thick wool socks
The snow drifts
Like the ocean
Swallowing the car
We cannot see.

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