My boring rich girl

my boring rich girl
by phil
I once had a girlfriend that was filthy fucking rich.
Her father was wealthiest property owner in town.
She wasn’t much to look at in the face, but her body was good.
It was slightly out of shape but her breasts her full and perky and her ass was big.
What I liked most about her was her things, she had very nice things, her apartment shined with expensiveness.
Her bed was enormous and soft.
Her t.v. was enormous and loud.
Her stereo was stretched across the room with expensiveness dripping from it’s cords.
I had none of these things. I couldn’t even afford cable.
She didn’t care. She liked that I was poor, it turned her on.
She got off on me being this poor, unprivileged person of poverty.
Sometimes I miss her boring face and her beautiful apartment.

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  1. No virtuosity here. Almost expected a “butterface” joke. It would have been a little more interesting if the author had expounded on why his poverty turned her on, and why her wealth did the same for him. Instead, it’s kind of like: “Well, here it is.” That kid of feel. Not a poem, I agree, just kind of a boring objective look at a time when this poor guy got a little action.

  2. Well, it made me laugh, and has a deliberate use of mundane language and logic. Seriously, the logic is well-constructed and his timing is pretty good. It reads like a list poem, staggering the line lengths and making good use of repetition. Its bitter and petty, but that seems like a construct, not an expression of the writer’s outlook. Some of the writing is sloppy, like in the second line, and I don’t think its deliberate. What it does do, though, is create a portrait of early 21st century America. I like that.

  3. My impression hinges on the use of the word “it” in the fourth sentence. Her body becomes an “it”. A thing, to be had, which can be taken away, that is this other’s. It also leads to “poverty” itself being a thing that can be owned, valued, enjoyed like a commodity, and discarded…possibly even taken away? Missed?

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