playing in peoria

Playing in Peoria
by ivan jenson
dumbed down for the masses
and dressed up in pomp and glitter
the musical version of
the greatest story
ever told
was test marketed
out of town
where it wowed those
in the nose bleed seats
while boring the
the reserved
only section
who were often
on by the
of the touring
but the
kinks got
smoothed out
and the tenor
from Tucson
who played
Jesus just thanked
God he made it
to Broadway

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  1. ‘Hamlet II’!!! I’m open game for anything which discusses ‘dumbed down for the masses’. I think we have surely reached that point in politics where our democracy is no longer viable because of the 5th grade level mind games played by the fascists which end up working. So it’s no difficult stretch to imagine what it’s done to our culture. Good upstream flow! If i was a salmon, i’d be dancin’ jigs while i bucked the current. lol. Thx for sharing!

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