shuttle production

shuttle production
by oscar smiles
fully noted beside a cranberry cocktail
still nursing on this sense of place
and the oscar de la renta mold
sits idly by on the corner of
prospect and concho
street hockey and vodka on rye
hemingway’s winner take nothing
greasy sleeves and fried pygmies
latin know nots and thirsty myrtles
all I wanted from you is to remember
you know maybe perhaps an explanation
pa’s secret smile puffy cheeks c14h22n20
lithium carbonate four times daily
what’s yer policy on research
on editing on the dart away on business
and the end seems to be defined by
a couple of lines on a genial detonator
what a concept
i’ve officially been slurped
stood up and choded
stunted via slinky straw
over there over here
no way
not in this lifetime
hello tippy hello top

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