saying it again

Saying It Again
by john bennett
When he
said that a
large percentage
of the words
on the
potential terrorist
list that
led to his
could be
found in the
the man
over him
striking him
across the face
with a
length of
hard rubber
over &
over again
What did you say?
What did you just say?”

0 thoughts on “saying it again

  1. This strikes me more of a nice first sentence to a short story than it does a poem. I liked it, but as a poem it reads choppy. Try just reading it w/o lines and it works. I’d be drawn into the story for sure.

  2. I read this through and thought it was very good. I didn’t heed the form at all because I knew it wasn’t going to do it for me. You could have just written it out in a sentence and they likely would have posted it, because it’s very timely and clever. It’s like a very dark Jack Handy quote.

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