1% Sweat

1% Sweat
by mark cunningham
We put a lot of time into getting the explosions just right for our anti-war message. The glass didn’t have a logo on it, so I didn’t know which way to hold it when I drank. We learned a thing or two from the seminar on “pattern recgonition.” I proposed we put the question of individualism up for group vote. Displaying the full range of formal and linguistic experimentation for which I am known, I ordered a Quarter Pounder with no ketchup. The website offered me a chance to win my hair back. The parts are “after market” but you still have to pay for them. “I couldn’t breathe. You could have killed me. That sure brings back memories.” The aliens achieved wide-spread acceptance only after the altered their death ray so that it turned everything to bacon. 99% perspiration, 1% sweat.

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  1. definitely changed at the burger…like two doors on the same hinge. yet it is rather surreal, like the dream of a sequence of similar events having hit the sativa just before bed…in which case, two doors on the same hinge could be achieved.

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