Scar Tissue in a Cosmic Holding Pattern

Scar Tissue in a Cosmic Holding Pattern
by shawn misener
My state of being is only loosely held together
with thin pearly lines of something like hope
something I used to call optimism
before God hit me over the head with his floppy dick
My aortic valve and sigmoid colon came up missing
when I woke up in the slushy claw-footed tub
that is my waking life
She’s splayed out over an ocean of Tupperware
I can’t hear a word she’s saying
because the goddamn dishwasher sounds like a freight train
I assume she thinks sometimes about beating the shit out of me
and I have often thought that marriage is the greatest irony of all
I’m attached to her like scar tissue
and therefore I ask her where the green mustard is
she just shrugs

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  1. very nice. i can imagine this ringing in my skull with an ashy tone, but i can mostly hear the thoughts that spill from the shrug. i love the background music of other waking lives, so thank you for serving a sample of your own.

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