ENL 7th Grade

ENL 7th Grade
by sana tanveer malik
Your nose looks like the pancake
I trod over this morning.
Yuck! Well, imagine if someone put a compass
On a nose and made a pudgy globe
Around it…That’s your bulbous face for you.
Not quite there yet, Miss Bryan!
Your hair looks like it’s sprouting
Decayed broccoli all over.
That’s disgusting!
If I slit a pale sheet just a sliver
And let the crow peep in through that,
I’d be staring at your eye.
The mole under your lower lip
Looks like the plop of that well-fed crow!
No dirty comparisons, Mr. Jackson! Thank you!
Your ear is the desert
With the sand dunes excavated.
Your eyelashes look like
…wait! There are no eyelashes to look at!
Funny. You lose a point.
Your eyebrows look like shaggy bushes
In the depths of the night. Wooh!
I should get an extra point for this bloody brilliant one!
Your front tooth is a rusted spade
Digging into the red earth.
Why, you…Your ass is like…!
Excellent class today, boys and girls! We will work with hyperboles and understatements next week!

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