guest house

Guest House
by wynn everett
From skull to heel
this house is haunted.
The mystic in albescent ribs,
apparitions sweep in cranial halls
valve flutters with each step up
stairs of belly that groan her climb.
My house is haunted.
Must be still.
She pays a handsome rent.

0 thoughts on “guest house

  1. An accurate capturing of the artist mindset. I am not wild about the structure of this poem, however the imagery is powerful, the heart is there, the voice is unique, and yet universal. Everett’s renter indeed pays quietly and thoughtfully.

  2. I agree that the imagery is very powerful and present in this piece but it feels like it should be rhyming or something. It’s like it came from an old creepy nursery rhyme. I guess I can’t tell how I feel about this..

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