it's 4:24am and a man is shoveling our snow.

it’s 4:24am and a man is shoveling our snow.
by rory byrnes
the icy wind is a little too strong
to take out the trash tonight
but someone has to do it
and my knowledge of your
laziness and past experiences
tells me it won’t be you.
it’s an not an easy trip
but it is a manageable one,
trying to refrain from slipping
all the while never taking the
cigarette from my mouth-
the whole 200 yard walk
carrying two 5 pound bags,
a XL pizza box
and a few empty bottles of wine
we drank to get warm last night.
my hands feel frost bitten
but you’re not here to warm them;
it almost makes me smile
since the burn compares to the
disdain i felt when i found
more porn on your computer,
by accident, may i add,
dated only two days ago.
with exhaustion starting
to get a hold of me again,
two pots of coffee
and three j’s
won’t last me
the rest of the night
while i clean up
what you’ve left out.
this must be what a mom feels like.

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  1. Male lovers also have their own share of problems like any other couple it would seem. Relationships are a complex matter because love is so difficult to ‘stay in’ 24/7. What brings us back around again? What doubts make or break us in the interim? What sentence of lonely solitude must we endure? In-between love is filled with the minutiae of garbage–expect anything different?
    Awesome material! Thx man!

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