sugar plum fairy dance

sugar plum fairy dance
by halifax
faith in faith provides comfort and hope
one means of escape,
a coming fortitude to cope
through things unfair
faerie is a slender straining thread
it stretches further than you can see
a whole world apart unsnarled,
but abandoned by indifferent reason
hope cannot be lost when all that there is
depends on delusional beliefs
in a future unseen
coupled with a past made to fit
what harm can there be
enthralled by twirling constructs
abstractions of purpose
want personified
if all else has failed to find you
how bad can it be
if you still are
simply unfed
hunger not yet put away

0 thoughts on “sugar plum fairy dance

  1. “faith in faith” really isn’t much different than faith in reason. Either way, we tend to be “enthralled by twirling constructs”. What I really like in this poem, though, is the linkage between “delusional beliefs” and the final two lines. That bit of myopia really gets to the heart of the issue. Present realities are so easy to run away from, but where does that get you?

  2. As a one-time sugar plum fairy, i liked to say i approve of this message. So dance, in effect, is whatever way of life we may take up to keep us out of the rock-bottom filth. I like that. ‘how bad can it be if you still are simply unfed hunger not yet put away’ ? There’s a bright side to everything i suppose. What does it take to avoid becoming engulfed by it all? Perspective from experience? A Priori? hmm. i think chemicals help. I live for Tuesday’s new releases on DVD. I’m saving up for a 102 inch LSD screen with surround sound and blu-ray. That’s what i live for. lol.

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