Something for Old Women to Talk about

Something for Old Women to Talk about
By Joe Cloyd
Jesus was a suicide trip too
A mere sound of the drip drop drip drop
Of the sperm falling
From a cross
That’s what I said to the bunch of old Christian ladies
Huddled around the local newspaper
Talking about the suicide case of the day
He was a coward she said
He was a coward the other hags commiserated
They were offended
Of course
And I was glad
And for good measure
I added that
Jesus was being held
In Guantanamo without trial
And that he had
A car battery wired to his nuts
None of my co-workers
Speak to me anymore

0 thoughts on “Something for Old Women to Talk about

  1. Poor protagonist riveted by nail-hard stares,
    hands held up mocking surrender,
    persecuted for statements
    against the popular sentiments of the day.
    Decidedly you brought division among them.
    Maybe they’ll feel better about it later.
    Give your co-workers a couple of days.
    You did it to yourself, they’ll say laughing
    and acknowledge you as a faulty person just like them.
    Let it go and you’ll get forgiven too
    for they’ve accepted that
    they know not what their doing either.

  2. my last line in my reply should read “they know not what they’re doing either”…classic blunder.
    Joe, I get the idea and it moved me to react. Since you can’t see the gesticulated ASL polemic I directed toward your poem, I’ll have to type out a rational critique later.

  3. Seems a lot more ‘Beat-inspired’ than your usual work. Maybe it’s just me. Very ballsy with the sacreligiousness of sperm on a cross and Jesus at Guantanamo. What better way to bring the conventionally decadent herd-inspired lip-service of the season to a real reckoning with the breathing NOW and actual. All-around interesting and thought-provoking. I’m glad you shared. Have a good X-mas! (with or without the sperm) lol.

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