From Seed To You: I

from seed to you: I
by anonymousact
You loved many types of trees; your affinity
shared with others as archetype. I suspect your eye
loved less their living, like the branches lowered
when with the weight of a child, or memories that
gathered as forgotten to break
the inevitable fall from a broken hold, or just
to release,
your eyes save the dead
and dying, in part
for the stories that
haunted their hollow bodies-
for you there was more
than their having been.
They take no water
save what comes
as rain, hold
no soil but what
clings for them. They
give no longer
leaf upon leaf,
nor open gladly for the
old sun
or close
for moons to come.
There is more than their
having been, for you
those trees you keep,
dead and dying,
there is to tend.

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  1. this is kind of interesting. I don’t care for the last line at all, and wish the concept of archetype had beed developed a little more clearly throughout, especially in connection with “your eyes”. Archetypes, as manifested in personal psychology, in relationship with the world, project definition and meaning, with a focal point in the gaze – all of which would seem to have implications in the mood this poem establishes. So, I like it well enough (minus the end and some of the phrasing) but the strengths of this poem could be more fully developed.

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