The Cherry on Top of my Life

The Cherry on Top of my Life
by emma blowgun
nothing says
“don’t worry, you’re going to be
alright; someday you’ll have enough
money to get by,” like a sixty dollar
bag of weed and a two foot water pipe;
i can blow thick smoke from one side of the room
all the way to the adjacent wall and
by the time it gets there, i have a feeling
that very soon i’ll be
happy and my ipod
battery will never

0 thoughts on “The Cherry on Top of my Life

  1. geez, how i know how you feel. just about everydaythan when i run out i have to cope with sobriety for a few days LOL…ANYWAYS, thank you for writing this. i quite like it.

    1. oh lol im not as getoo as that sounds, i love life, and marijuana. marijuana was the best thing i discoverd sence i learned how to masterbate…. lol jk. but marijuana is one of the most important things in my life. sad right? NO!

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