New Era – Mahinda 2010

Editorial Note: We receive many strange things in our submissions folder and it’s no secret we don’t post political poems, but this slice of propaganda arrived today from someone in Sri Lanka. We felt moved to post this very odd and completely irrelevant submission today. So far all of our Sri Lanka readers, heads up!

President Mahinda Rajapaksa said he will present his own solution to the problem of the people of the North and East during his second term. He said they have seen a number of All Party Committees appointed to find a solution with no agreement reached on a solution. Therefore, I would present my own solution so that all parties and groups could discuss it and arrive at a solution accepted to all groups in the country, the President said.

Addressing the print media at Temple Trees on Wednesday, President Rajapaksa said no one should play politics with the problems of the people and he was determined to ensure that the people, mostly the younger generation could live in a country without division and conflict. We have to ensure that all ethnic or religious groups enjoy equal rights in an undivided country.

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