Due Date

Due Date
by kimberly e. ruth
Squat on the peak, they held hands, with resistance.
I want to kiss you, she said. You know I can’t, baby, a little slack and we’re with the pigs. She looked down. It’s been three months. I want to fuck, she said. It doesn’t seem to bother them he said, pointing to his neighbor. And in this manner they stayed, watching them drop off night after night with the coming of the sun, a map of poached triangles.

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  1. Dream? Very nice. . . i read it 3-4 times trying to dig meaning out of it. One question: What is “them” that drops off night after night? And who are the neighbors? The pigs? That’s two questions, I guess. There’s a ton of ambiguity here, which works for a dream, but as I reader I have a ton of questions, which as an artist you are not obligated to answer. But I liked it, which is why I ask aforementioned questions. (-:

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