the family grey

The Family Grey
by emma bean
What a day
like today
all rainy
a day like Seattle
On a day like today
¡qué bajón!
¡qué mamada!
It sucks, doesn’t it
A day like today
it’s real low-down
and dirty, kicking
me when I am down
fighting unfair, daring
me to fight back.
It’s all I can do to
shout back but
I am a pacifist and
we don’t fight, us
But apparently Today
has not heard of
this thing
called “pacifism”
and I will try and
instruct it, and inform –
maybe even hand out a
flyer – and tell him (or her)
that he (or she) must respect
my political beliefs.
I don’t see him/her going for it.
A day like today
I saw when I woke up
when I went to work
when I left work
when I went to the subway
when I walked up
out of the subway
the grey
which is grey
which is grey
which is grey
and the sky hangs out
outside my window
out through endless Bushwick until Long Island and  still hangs
over the low built houses
over the water
maybe over until London.
They say it rains a lot there too.
Really, I don’t mind
a day like Today.
I was bred on
days like Today –
I left, abandoned
the whole damn
family of days
like Today.
I’m only afraid
that Today will
follow me,
not know
what to do
once I move away.

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