Hopeful Sunrise

Hopeful Sunrise
by gingerpoem

Wringle wrangle the wig comes off

Underneath lies gray contradiction

The amp blasts out such persistent thought

The wig lays in a heap on the stone cold floor

frozen in scattered light.

Morning would come soon, but now

it was night’s turn to show off.

Shake shake, the hand waves off the echoes.

Foreign languages speak out at the bass player

Sound keeps toying with mischief

They’re friends now.

Buddied up, much trouble will soon blossom.

Off the horizon, the sun begins to wake up

still drowsy with a wonderful

deep slumber quilt.

What does the sun dream about?

Deep rays bounce off bubbly clouds

Perhaps a thunderstorm on this sunny morning, maybe just light rain.

Wigs will rain down

Covering the gray contradictions

A cloud grows thumping into a bass drum

Jingle jangle the droplets drip on the bridge

Nothing under the bridge, nothing to contradict

Just a bluesy old tune of

An old man playing his

bluesy old guitar.

The sun rises, bringing

blues a second chance

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