The Extra in our Midst

Haggard and Halloo,
Its come to our attention that we have a plagiarist among us. One of our contributors who goes by the name of Annie Rink (aka Ariana Rink) has been passing off poems as her own that she has not written. Moreover, she may have been stealing your poems from H and H and passing them off as her own on other sites and journals.
After giving her the chance to respond and defend herself of this accusation we’ve deleted her entries and her account after not receiving a response. Haggard and Halloo does not tolerate plagiarism and though it does happen from time to time we always find out in the end.
Sorry this happened. We’ve taken action to prevent it and wanted to alert you of this person.
Don’t steal other people’s poetry. We don’t have much to begin with.
H and H

0 thoughts on “The Extra in our Midst

  1. She’s become famous in the small press for her stealing since, like, July. What’s wrong with her? I say we round her up and make her read the entire Danielle Steele bibliography in one sitting while riding a unicycle in the upper-deck of a Britney Spears concert.

  2. Which ones did she post again? Were the poems she ripped off any good? I know that I commented on one of “her poems,” but I can’t remember which one it was. Annie, if you’re really that hard up, you can borrow one of mine, “Elegy of Michael Jackson.” I’m pretty sure I’m never going to use that one again. But I really like “Hamid from Egypt”, “Year Ten”, “Something for Old Women to Talk About”, and “Barely the Minority”… so if you leave those to me that’d be great.

  3. But if you need any more poems, here’s a list of some of my stuff that she can have: “Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock”; “Howl”; “Genius of the Crowd”; “Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner”; “Ode to a Grecian Urn”; “Song of Myself”; “Paradise Lost”; “Dante’s Inferno”; “The Odyssey”; … May they serve you well…

  4. Why would someone actually do this? What are their motives? What are they getting from it? If they were creatively building upon other people’s work – I’m thinking here of Isidore Ducasse – that would be one thing. Simply re-posting other people’s words as your own kind of misses the point of what it means to be creative, and to be living.

  5. Often i have stolen words, ideas, from any of my split personalities–of this i have committed a true crime. Not to mention i have also gone to the palm reader to learn more about my past lives. If i get a palm reader’s ‘official confirmation letter that i may have indeed been Samuel Taylor Coleridge, i will willingly embark on the completion of ‘Kubla Khan’. Does laudanum show up on a drug test?

  6. tsk tsk! annie rink-o! sweet trollete-if you’re reading this, i like yr name. if you came up with at least that than i believe you can come up with another two or three words. maybe a short metaphor. next, we’ll expand into stanzas and before you know it you’ll be unselfconsciously exploding stream of consciousness speak just as lengthy as stephen kings.
    maybe you just need drugs. or less of them. khole much?
    there once was
    okay i don’t feel like writing a limerick anymore but i fear backspacing because the rest might vanish.

  7. When the hell is somebody going to take credit for “Upon Oceans Kept Secret Within Christmas Bulbs” because my name under that quality shit is making me uncomfortable. I’d hate to get Rinked later.

  8. there once was a nerd destined to internet.
    one of her specialities was plagarising others work& taking credit.
    her name made me imagine her as a gingerkid;
    one with a hard knock life chock full’a ass-zits;
    i nearly felt sorrow on this daydream. however, she turned out to be a lethargic thirty something faux-agoraphobic blob of a man in his parent’s basement. using dial up. that’s ruthlessly murdered people!

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