In Miniature– Sort of a Monster Mash-Up

Plymouth Rocks, the Grey Album

by cocteau

“All wordz/ belong to all people [‘cept these].”
— Marty Esworthy
History, c’mon, tell me a story: GAUL!
Three parts! Yeah, one part pet rock,
two parts, poison-dart. Mais, dans

l’obscurité, tous les chats sont gris.
Those flowers in Spring:
a search for luv & glory,
m-m-m-my time, your time–
of a moment, of an aeon,
of a rhyme. Like a rock.
These things/ I offer you
for a lifetime. Time has come.
Sample this: my time is your time.
Like glam-rock, or, fraggle rock
simply, irresistibly, irrevocably
Green Prell. & so fine.
Yeah! You’ mama! Mine,
mine & super-fine! Hunh!
Motha-fuggin’ Yank in a clanky old tank
zo, how how, how-how, howhow
how-how, how do/ y’like me now?
* * * * * *
Coda: (Mental-telepathied,
not necessarily spoken)
Ali-bama//Futu Rama– uh-huh!
B’-bada-bing// Ba-bada-BOUM!
(Note: BOUM! to be mixed over
final note of A Day in the Life)

0 thoughts on “In Miniature– Sort of a Monster Mash-Up

  1. hi, cocteau! i totally wanna make love to this poem! i feel as giddy as a bashful schoolgirl. i’m especially tittilated by fraggle rock&glam rock in the same line. this fondled my funnybones!
    ever so thankfully yours,

  2. Some parts are so ‘out loud’ spoken word and yet others are so visual custom made for the eye-cooties. Stream of conscious from the subliminal unconscious…always a pleasure to read. Mash-up boomfest. Damn, i guess when a woman comments that she’d like to make love to this poem that’s the bestest compliment ever. lol.

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