the dirty fork

the dirty fork
by shon.25
too drunk to fish
staring at the teeth floating in the fishbowl,
splitting camels with hairs and visa-versa (fishfishfish)..
everything that is gone is captured..
but no one can touch it to release it..
just stare..
imagine the look on my face
when a trampoline came out of my parachute..
now magnify that image and set it as wallpaper..
now wallpaper the skeletal remains of india
and heaven..
now shake the ganster’s hand and pat the choir boy on the bible..
now let a stranger slap you..
now admit that you know nothing..
now brush yer face and put your ears back on..
breaks over

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  1. Happy birthday Shon. Thanks for being one of the original founders of H and H back in the 90’s and working with me on the early print issues. -TC Note: This wasn’t meant to be a poem, but I liked it enough. It was really just part of an email from 2000 when Shon and I were living as Hindu monks in Jandelsbrunn, Bavaria. I left early and he kept me updated on his adventures at the temple.

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