by michael dennis browne
Today I explained telepathy to you,
and telephone, and television,
on the way to day care,
and I said, sometimes when I’m at work
I’ll think of you,
and if I could send you that thought with my mind,
you’d get it right then,
and maybe you’d smile, stopping a moment at whatever
you were doing, or maybe not
but just going on with it, making a mask out of paper plates
and orange and green cards
with markers and scissors and paste,
or screaming circles in the gym
either being a monster
or being chased by a gang of them, but still you’d get
the picture I was beaming
and you’d brighten inside and flash me something back,
which I’d get, where I was, and smile at.
That’s telepathy, I said
pulling into the parking lot,
looking at you in the mirror.

0 thoughts on “telepathy

  1. AWWW SO SWEET. that really is somethin’ cute. i really wish full duplex conscious telepathy existed. that’a’way i can accidentally send visions of porno to family members.

  2. Psychic ‘Where the the wild things are’–excellent child conveyed words/ideas. Amazing how loved ones think of one another thruout the day when seperated and how all that works–getting phone calls right after or during thinking of someone or seeing something that reminds you of that person. Telepathy, i’m sure has a place in all that–not so sure about porno though, ahem!

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