Joshua Starr

Joshua Starr
by sarah
Met a guy at the 7-11 on Sun.
He hopped in my car and slept on my couch,
Now I can’t shake him.
Says he knew Elvis, met Johnny Depp, and wants to live in Bellingham.
Wants me to drive him there.
He smelled bad until I did his laundry,
Left rings of grime in my sink.
Told me his name was Joshua, till I bought him an Amtrak ticket online
Turns out it’s really: Jacob Adams.
Jacob Adams was in a porn movie called the Ribald Tales of Robin Hood or some such shit–
Met Hugh Hefner when he was a boy.
His dad threw him into Hefner’s pool and said, “sink or swim.”
He laughed telling this story. Made me wanna cry, because boy did
Jacob Adams sink.
He thinks he might be a movie star, he looks like Santa, he swept my floor.
He’s leaving tomorrow.

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  1. funny story. I haven’t seen a 7-11 in years–used to love those slushies or whatever they were called. Back to the poem, yeah, i reckon some people are not destined for greatness but they have to follow their dreams anyway, eh? Even if they look like Santa and wanna be a Porn King. Though, i also reckon, the point to all of this is perhaps the sheer craziness of some people’s ambitions–which provide humor for the rest of us. But i think we’ve all been there doing something spectacularly stupid at least once–guess that’s the difference–we do it just to do it and get it over with and then move on to other things.
    Lots to think about here. thx!

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