by scot siegel
It’s dark. The dogs are late for an
appointment. They perform a circular
ritual involving the ghosts of previous
occupants of our house: Cats; Bees behind
the clapboards; Bats in the shutters;––
The dogs won’t stop until I’m persuaded,
until I rise like a newly- thawed moth
& lift-off… Raindrops are not cold on
my scalp. They just lack heat.

0 thoughts on “thermodynamics

  1. Each morning between 5-6:30 our 80 lb. german sheperd wakes me to be let outside. It too is a ritual that I expect and I regret not writing a poem like this about something so simple and there. Maybe I’ll write my own version. Thanks for reminding me to make the common things abstract.

  2. My 20 lb Jack Russell does the same thing. Unfortunately, the snow and ice really is cold. Due to thermodynamics, I am too. But yeah, this is a nice treatment of one of life’s mundane/awakening moments.

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