bad, inc.

bad, inc
by dianne borsenik
I keep bad company
my posse is wild at heart
and hell bent for feathered
quills and 96 percent bright
nothing stops our bad, inc.
from taking what we want
we ride roughshod over
the rugged landscapes of
keyboard and keypad
sleep wrapped in blankets
of scratchy thought we
blaze trails range wide
and howl songs of both
victory and loss under a
tombstone moon we wave
our outlaw status like a
flag swagger in armed to
the teeth with daggered
wit and feelings on our
sleeves swallow shots of
fresh blood shoot off our
mouths and take slugs in
return we spit out bullets
with a grin when our bad,
inc. hits town we rob the
past to give to the future
we write crooked truth
make a mess as we kick
through all those sawdust
verses littering the floor
we slam our empties on
the counter shake our fists
at convention we go to bed
with our boots on and get
up before dawn our bad, inc.
never lets down its guard
never rides off into the sun

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  1. Old West metaphor lassos thruout piece tying into the modern as implied with the title ‘Inc’ and further evidenced by ‘keyboard and keypad’. Some of piece really brings a smile to my face like reading ‘hell bent for feathered
    quills’–something you wouldn’t figure a badass would pursue–but the whole poem is a redefining of ‘Bad’ and i like it that poets/writers are implied in previous quote and ‘we write crooked truth’. Well-researched, Ms. Borsenik, and very crafty! I’ll ride side-saddle with you anytime!

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