The Girl from Papua New Guinea

The Girl from Papua New Guinea
by brandon s. roy
Her grandfather was a sorcerer
Her grandmother from a long line of witches
Her parents were strong Christians
She personally didn’t believe in that shit
In her culture
Men are kings
She and sisters were pitied for being all girls
With no brother to lead them
She married a man twice her age
Twice had his kids
And more than twice regretted marrying
She says she loves the booze
She misses being single
A self described crazy wild chick
That can be the perfect house wife too
Her husband doesn’t touch her anymore
She says who needs love
When you have lust
Who needs a husband?
When you have lover
Who needs life?
When death is comfort

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  1. Short thoughts in short sentences make this poem very readable–maybe there’s not much craft but the exotic story is still interesting enough i think and the questions are a nice change from the typical poem of declarations. Surely we in our modern world can respond to the plight of this woman living in her primal society. At what point in our lives do we cease living and enter into ‘escape’ dream-living to get away from all our fuck-ups? hmm. Is there any going back or changing our stars? Good questions! Thx for sharing!

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