by stephanie sears
I raise a shot of vodka
To the shortcuts of perfection
And the downfall of stale labor
Knowing the unknown man
Who kissed so well in a night’s dream.
His disembodied spell woke me
To the hazards of consciousness.
In the small opal hours
of the seraphic watch
Telekinetic dates are made
By infinite reshufflings of circumstance.
With reincarnated apropos
Of appearing better than before
Love at last speaks its mind:
I am hunter slipping through the gaps
And prey to all opportunities.
I have shed blunder’s grime
(That draws the past with a grimace).
The smile growls like pliant muscle,
The touch, a swash onto white sand,
A sky-colored gaze sparks the mind’s high voltage.
You and you… multiple creature
Of circumstance and lyricism
Are my ode to excellence, the
Drifting cumuli of fine weather
To which my lips send
The immortal and faithful kiss.

0 thoughts on “Propinquity

  1. pro·pin·qui·ty   
    1.nearness in place; proximity.
    2.nearness of relation; kinship.
    3.affinity of nature; similarity.
    4.nearness in time.
    Ahh–traditional capitalization at beginning of each line! I like the look, the line-breaks…the stanzas. Altogether a nice polished piece with well-chosen words and high ideas! The erudition strikes me–i’ve been looking for that word ‘apropos’ for some time but in my head i had it down as ‘aprobos’ and couldn’t find it anywhere. thx. Poem is romantic with lots of change-up and connecting metaphors–you got a strong grasp of craft. I’m letting this sucker sink into my skull for a little while. I too wish to “shed blunder’s grime” and receive an “immortal and faithful kiss”. Thx for sharing Stephanie!

  2. I came upon your comment and thank you for it. I don’t know if you are the same person who commented on Tropic but at any rate it is nice to hear that someone understood the mood of the poem. Grazie mille.
    Stephanie Sears

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