Gasp! Creature.

Gasp! Creature.
by matt taylor
I could be completely egg-hatched for all you know,
yet, still, you can’t see me,
I’ve eaten myself so you can’t see me.
(Logically, that’s the only way.)
Then, pulling the apple
from my eye,
you tell me how pieces
are missing.
You’re smiling (laughing),
all I can do is count your teeth,
and drink cement
like it has a cure,
hoping it hardens soon.
You’re whistling now,
patronizing me, or
maybe that’s selfish, a locked door
that knows he stands in your way,
self-aware and boastful.
His wood taunting you,
the grain, like fingers, begging
you to try and open him,
just try.
Your airplane tongue mocks
me, so, I sleep inside
your breath until
it’s safe to come out.

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  1. For some reason I feel like this piece and the one posted yesterday compliment each other, or could relate to each other in some way. This is one I can tell I’ll enjoy reading more than once. Thanks for unleashing it.

  2. i love this…whimsical, thoughtful, fluid. powerful &mysterious tie-up. i would love to know more about the point of view this came from.

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