The Art of Listening

The Art of Listening
by shawn misener
this world orbits dimensions unsure of themselves
and these tiny creatures inside me rule everything
eyebrows raise while eyeballs fly
to the tune of the fourth stooge, an indomitable spirit
whose spit makes rain on our heads
his purple smoke fills dreams like paper balloons
the drive-through window is accepting hieroglyphs
and applications for unemployment in outer space
or sweet, sweet death for the happy scratch-off winners
with imploding mansions and cars melting into pudding
life has burrowed itself away in a discarded kiwi
there is nothing there
and therefore no need for a proper search (engine)
peanuts have become fuel for our time machines
the maestro is asking you to roll one up for him as well
and either you do or you don’t, it’s that simple

0 thoughts on “The Art of Listening

  1. calliope would be another great muse to have. cool poem. i would like sensible fruit with it over fries.
    even the blog is kiwi coloured. are you from a tiny island?

  2. Hmm. This would make a good Hiyao Miyazaki film. George Washington Carver would be happy to hear about the peanuts becoming fuel for time machines. Douglas Adams is the one who mans the outer space unemployment office.
    Your imaginative genius calibrates exponentially like a young man becoming a god on a single trip up the escalator! I look forward to the book!

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