Echoes from a sober vampire

Echoes from a sober vampire
by reed posey
Obviously I’m in dire need of your blood.
I should have taken you up on the offer way before this
I’ll smoke a little marijuana
Then I’ll be ready
I have a castle
You can come by
Me and the wolfman play cards on Thursdays
That’s the only time I drink hard
I get up early
So, you can call me when you get up
I don’t have a crypt
But I have a couch made of cinder blocks
I spend a lot of time watching porn
I like Lolita teenz
And small titz galleries
When things get too bad I just cover my eyes
I’m paying a guy several hundred dollars to build my website
There are a lot of flies in here
Laying fly-egg
Ready ready ready drink
One two three drink
On your mark get set drink
I want to drink the fuck out of you
Sorry, no, still an observer
I think I feel something
Shit digressing
Maybe if I run out and say
I vant to sock yoor blahd!
Like in the golden age
Before Tom Fucking Cruise
Before the blood runs down my Goddamn chin.

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