no one is quite ready

no one is quite ready
by aaron boothby
I’m not convinced
that we’re cut out for this,
we might explode
someone will be left
picking our limbs out of
a suburban garden or
footing the bill for a place called
Quiet Hills.
This is what we might
leave our parents, our kids
to deal with: some mad,
restless brilliant corpse or
mental patient.
Fair enough.
I hope they all learn
what they can and cannot
control around here.

0 thoughts on “no one is quite ready

  1. Awesome.
    I wonder what it is we aren’t cut out for?
    The fact that I take the time to reread this poem several times and continue to ask the question means that there is value here. Good job.

  2. Life is a shit-flinging fest and nobody stays clean too long. I think that all the time–i’m not cut out for this, or that, or anything, and why the hell do we struggle so much. Sometimes i think we fucked up big in the ‘actual’ life that was like a lazy paradise and now we’re dead and living in the 5th ring of Hell that is this Earth with no memories of our previous life. That has nothing to do with the poem, i guess, it’s just something i think when i read the poem.
    Poem: mmm. control. knowing what to change and try to change also. I like the bit about the Quiet hills rest home/insanity ward. i feel like a ‘mad, restless brilliant corpse’ so i’m gonna shut up now. good night. LOL . thx for sharing!

  3. I agree with Cerebella. But I would further say that it presents divorce as apocalyptic disaster. I like the whole thing, but what really does it for me is the last 3 lines. It seems to tie the whole thing nicely, but not too neatly.

  4. i get a lot of different ideas of what this might be about. it makes sense that it could be about divorce. possibly about effects of suburbia. i like that i doesn’t really understand what you’re getting at, and it makes me think.

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