shades of gray

shades of gray
by brandon s. roy
There are dead ants scattered on the porch.
He knew their tiny hearts had long since stopped
beating. His heart was still in bed. He was still
warm and still, staring at their carcasses.
She sat outside,watching the frogs and fishes in the
He found her. That’s when he felt her broken glass eyes
cut him. He is used to this. This feeling. He was afraid
to blink. A hot feeling came over him. He made the sign
of cross and whispered a silent prayer.
He did not see her pull the weapon out. It was hidden under
thigh. She handed it to him. He was going to close his eyes.
This is waste. They looked up at the rising moon.
She blinked. He opened his eyes. This was not a dream. He could
not catch his breath. Her white dress flowed in the breeze.
He sat next to her. A bright flash. A loud pop.
He was covered in red. She lay on the grass. Dreaming. He walked from
her body, polished in her covering. He rolled his eyes and knelled.
He thought for a moment. He was afraid to close his eyes. He gave in.
He had the moon in his eyes. A bright flash. A loud pop.
The night went on.

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