the war on the war

the war on the war
by emma blowgun
do you like the beatles?
or sunsets?
or love,
or peace,
or happiness?
do you like it when you wake up
a minute before your alarm clock goes off
feeling completely well rested?
if so, you’re gonna LOVE my friend.
he’s named blunty
the blunt
and he tastes

0 thoughts on “the war on the war

  1. what’s not to like? besides blunt wraps, I mean. “Peaches” is a great finish for the poem, but, personally, I’d rather smoke a regular joint. So, I like your friend (and your poem), Emma, but I love the genuine taste of good weed.

  2. tc, who is the picture of? any idea?
    funny, because when i was thinking about this before the ‘peaches’ reminds me of all those exboyfriends and former lovers that think vaginas are supposed to taste like ‘peaches and cream’ as opposed to, you know, compressed secretion. heterosexual idealists. to me, though, vaginas? they’re just plain old peachy keen.
    i realise talking about vaginas is sexual and gross to some; but it’s relevant to MRs assertion emma blowgun is a straight up dude. relevant to me, at least.

  3. the name is a music reference? Name of the poem, or “blunty the blunt”? if its spinning off the Wilco song, I like it. perfect. and now I can’t stop hearing the song when I read this, which is even more perfect. frankly, I like the poem because its short, sweet, irrelevant and well-written. as far as I’m concerned (regardless of any authorial intent), its all about getting stoned. how good is that?

  4. As a member of the male species, I have no problem talking about vaginas (though I usually use that other moniker, “pussy”). A good wet vagina tastes more like tears than anything else. Me, I’m easy to please. I don’t ask of it to taste like fruit, just that it’s clean.

  5. LOL. that brings back memories of special ed classes…in tenth grade biology, we were discussing fruit ovaries and one of my fellow sped colleagues asked, ‘so, when we get to the middle, we’re technically eating out the fruits vagina?’ oh and we roared about it intermittenly for days. thanks, misener.

  6. Matt Ronquillo is right. i’m a 19 year old male. hetero and everything.
    glad you guys liked this haha.
    ps. The title comes from the wilco song, although i meant it more as “the war on the war on drugs,” where as that was definitely not the meaning of the song.

  7. i’m a big fan of the counteractive title and the phrasing of ‘the war on drugs’ in the first place, just because it’s so evident of the image-overdrive america is stupidly all about. like bush was so intrepid and magnanimous, saving the world one crack pipe at a time-my monkey brains in shining armor. but you can’t violently exterminate drugs like you can innocent people in war. oh well.

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