Gunter Grass

gunter grass
by shawn misener
Behind the soap company
rested a toad named Gunter Grass
he was a goddamned giant animal
the size of an angry tank
Gunter ruled the city
by suggesting new soap formulas
everybody on the block
smelled like fairy breath
or on his bad days
like horse ass sushi
one maroon day Gunter up and left
leaving us without olfactory direction
we discovered our own sweaty aromas
which smelt strange, like new cars
wandering around whiffing armpits
it became time to find a new totem
weary scouts returned with news:
Gunter was found in the black forest
mounting musk oxen with calm eyes
and smoking web digit-rolled cigarillos
the mayor said to leave him be
by all accounts he must be happy
time moved on without him
but Gunter remained a humid memory
the town built a statue in his image
endowed with the scent of Strawberry Shortcake

0 thoughts on “Gunter Grass

  1. Character from a novel you’re writing? Gunter sounds like kind of a hard ass. I’d play poker with him. I could use a more offensive smoker at the table.

  2. I too long for the Black Forest but i’d choose David Beckam cologne or even Old Spice and eat Black Forest Cake. Pretty intoxicating story with focus on the smelling sense. Couplets are a nice change-up for you–A. Pope would be pleased. I saw this flick on t.v. once that took place in Germany and i think it was either written by G. Grass or maybe was about him–not sure. Anyway, he’s a journalist who disguises himself and infiltrates these massive corporations to expose corruption and illegalities.

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