advanced math class at plato's kindergarten

advanced math class at plato’s kindergarten
by ramakrishnan parthasarathy.
1+1 = 2
2+1 = 3
3+1 = 4
4+1 = 5
2+3 = ?
2+3 = (1+1)+3 (from definition)
= 3+(1+1) (associative property)
= (3+1)+1 (commutative property)
= 4+1(from definition)
= 5 (from definition)
student: with so many definitions, is it possible that our species has merely indulged in consistent curve fitting?
pedagogue: 19132423+112122 (define each number and find the answer from definitions and properties. i want it done tomorrow!!!)
student: rule-following paradox!
pedagogue: heil hitler!!!!

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  1. Ramakrishnan! How’s married life treating ya? Loved the title–i could just read that all day and let my mind pander as it ponders. lol. Kinda reminds me of a course i took in college where i was taking a make-up test from this Math Brainiac’s ‘business math’ class and he tells me i should have memorized the quadratic formula–i was thinking ‘Dude, i’m a history major and i don’t give a damn about the quadratic formula! Civilization will rise and fall according to whether we learn from our history and do not repeat it–not from knowing the quadratic formula!” I ended up failing and dropping that course. lol.
    Anyway–it’s far-out to see your mind in action. Looks like you’re gifted with both left and right brain mindedness. It’s a short yet very ‘blossoming’ type of poem–loved the ending from the pedagogue: “Heil Hitler!!!!”. It’s always a pleasure reading your material.

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