The Vagabond’s Mulligan Stew of Justice

The Vagabond’s Mulligan Stew of Justice
by david macpherson
For three issues of USA Comics back in 194, Crime knew that Justice was not only blind, it was also unbathed and homeless. In the city of Middleton, criminals who ran circles around the law had to deal with the Vagabond. A costumed crime fighter who dressing in tattered over colored rags and bright clown make-up. G-Man Walter Carstairs could only dispense justice disguised as a fast fisted hobo. He spoke in a crazed Shakespearean lingua franca. He tossed left hooks like the Cinderella Man up against Max Behr in a title card rematch.
They say the millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne chose to dress as a bat when he fought crime because criminals are a superstitious lot and the bat costume would strike fear unto them. But if you really wanted to scare the shit out of criminals, the Vagabond truly had the who’s who and the what’s what. Nothing more frightening than the embodiment of the Great Depression. Dread the mirror of poverty. Fear the Soup Kitchen Slugger. The Hooverville Hero. The Dustbowl Dynamo. Riding the rails of righteousness!
But we learn to ignore what we cannot handle. A man dressed as a bat, you got to acknowledge that. But just another down on his heals fella, bright as hunger, strong as a bank foreclosure. Something like that, that you can walk right by. Or flip four color pages past, until you find a stouter, richer hero to read upon, to dazzle about with.

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  1. The obscurity of this did it for me. I’ve read comics off and on throughout the years and have never head of The Vagabond character. I like the idea of a “fast fisted hobo”. While there are loose tangents here I like the overall article.

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