Why I Fucked You

Why I Fucked You
by lindsey kate cristofani
You should know
a few of the reasons why
I fucked you.
First: Our bodies.
In the beginning, they moved
towards each other
again and again
almost involuntarily, almost
in a trance,
like stray dogs in Manzanillo.
Second: You.
You; a force, a will,
a collection of performances
and words,
have, miraculously,
a body.
Sometimes sleeping, sometimes
dancing, moving through
the world, and now,
moving in me.
Third: Me.
I want you
imprinted upon me.
I want to touch you
like the crowds
in Rome
reach for the Pope.
And, like so many
women before me,
I want you close, closer, closest.
Even if just for a night.
Even if just for a moment.
And when we came
apart, our parts our
own again,
I be-
came a part
of the world,
the people
fucked by you.

0 thoughts on “Why I Fucked You

  1. I love the emphasis created in the ending structure, the importance behind it like post-fuck torn apartness manifesting in split line orgasm-infused-possession-affection withdrawal. Cool picture too.

  2. this is stellar. narrowly avoids a cliche with the”even for just a moment” line, but everything else is soooooooooooo goooood. 9.5/10 and i’m horny now. wife’s asleep. damn

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