cutting class

cutting class
by julia hickey
a three-legged dog is happier than
the woman who walks him.
the creaking, panting, anxious bicycle
has yet to be broken in
from a long winter.
whatever sunlight this is, is so defined by
these things upon which it rubs,
gently its liquid body.

0 thoughts on “cutting class

  1. Gorgeous poem, I really like the opening two lines. Only thing I don’t get is the last line, sunlight has a liquid body? I would’ve chosen a different adjective, ethereal etc…, but that’s not a criticism just something I would do different.

  2. liquid threw me off at first too but stepping out into the warm sun sometimes feels like being washed over by liquid warmth. I find after reading again that it works for me. I did get a little stopped up on the last line. If it were me I’d place a comma after gently, but I think you did right keeping the last line how it is. Gives it fluidity.

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