"Give 'em hell, kid," She said.

“Give ’em hell, kid,” She said.
by matt taylor
“Give ’em hell, kid,” She said.
Bend your rubber spirits
plastic clown, and drip
your wooden digits around
some melting glass.
Cut open a frog
and crawl inside;
it’s safe. His
green skin will
protect you while
you rustle up
some potion that’ll keep
the rats from building
houses behind your eyes.
Capitalize your words,
speak monosyllabically. Build yourself
a pillow case fort, steady the walls
and dig a mote, you’re up against
the best tonight.
Don’t tie up that crystal ball, though.
It didn’t come
with call waiting, and it’ll cost
a fortune to fix its engine.
Pencil in the next breath of air
(have to get a job, need to go to work).
A head full of anticoagulants never
did anyone any favors (especially rats).

0 thoughts on “"Give 'em hell, kid," She said.

  1. It’s war.
    First he rips my style, then he rubs in the fact that I have to take anticoagulants. I’ll strangle him.
    Just kidding.
    Loved the imagery. Good flow. Can’t figure out where the last stanza fits in, which makes me think he’s crackin’ at me.
    Again, just kidding. Really nice, refreshing work.
    I’ll kill you.
    Just kidding.

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