unicorn poem
by will morris
with gifts we were plagued
thistle birth was a case of let her be or
let her rip explained combat columba
reptiles are always seen first shrieked
another bitter perennial
defend poison attack sorrow was
the mantra of the summer eased with dung
each time a white supper
then a wild stop

0 thoughts on “UNICORN POEM

  1. i like the cryptic language. i like the words used here. it’s from a mini gi joe figurines perspective-or, a tiny smurf facing darwin’s grab-bag. maybe a dandelion.
    or maybe it’s a peek at skiddish unicorn survival after all. a brief manifesto without focus. letting fo of focus can be a very beautiful thing. especially, considering unicorns have bugged out vision.

  2. combat columba? I did an internet search and assume it refers to St. Columba, who has some relation to something called the “battle book” (or “Cathak”) and who lived in 6th century Ireland. In the poem, all the punctuation is inferred, which makes it a puzzle to read, though the phrasing gets clearer with a little effort. Content is obscure as hell. It must have been interesting enough for me to think about (or maybe I just like a challenge) but, frankly, I’ve lost interest at this point.

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