bone hunting

Bone Hunting
by emma bean
Hung over as shit I sit
shotgun, holding it together,
not wanting to
vomit all over this beautiful
sunny day, hunting, hunting
for for the skulls of roadkill,
maybe if we turn here – yeah,
here just over that next patch
of gravel and dirt past the next
gas station and ribs joint but
just not far enough out of town
— we stop at starbucks —
and almost stop at an antique
store, but it’s closed on Sundays
and we’re driving just driving
out of Austin, towards Spicewood
Texas, and after that Shovel Mountain,
Horseshoe bay, a skull is a nice souvenir,
better than other bones, to take
to the uncle, the rare book collector.
But what if we find the head, with
guts and brains and the other
stuff too, and our adventure
turns wrong, now we’re excavating
a cadaver, one that a tiny family of
opossums didn’t even want, but
we’ve scavenged it, guts and all,
so we put it in the used coffee
container, so now it smells like
roadkill and steamed soy milk,
and i gag because this is just too
much for a body going through
severe sugar withdrawl, but Becca
insists it’s a gift and i agree because
no one wants to be the grinch and
i before i can say ok it’s in the cupholder
on the passenger side jesus dude
can’t we put it in the trunk so we stop
and open the trunk, but that feels too
much like a rerun of the Sopranos
so back to the cupholder it goes
and what we’d do when we get home
i don’t know but that’s not my problem
i just concentrate on not getting sick
all over this beautiful sunny day.

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  1. “we stop at starbucks” haha. This is great. I remember driving from Austin to Horseshoe bay once when I lived in Texas in 06. We didn’t go roadkill hunting but it brings back good memories of the trip. Thanks for the fun.

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