silence and solitude.

silence and solitude.
by megan towey
For dinner I had flaxseed and a generous portion of you in
the form of lemon yogurt and stale pretzels and i remember
the day when we sat on the banks of plastic lake and i
remember the shapes in the water, and the sighing willow
tree crying young yellow leaves and the solitude whipping
your copper hair around your face, you ran down the supple
hill til the wind caught tears in your eyes like
butterflies, and i remember the fisherman on the other side
and i remember pine trees telling you a secret i’m scared oh
i’m scared of what the futuremmm and the stillness, the
stillness brought the craziness out of me like staccato
silence blink the spring air blink memory blink blink sleep
take a look around and nobody’s there i have a new
compassion, take a look around and nobody’s there oh you
scare me, jake, i won’t lose you nobody’s there won’t lose
you won’t l…
for dinner i had flaxseed and i took another look around my
indifference there was nobody there…

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