I Love You

I Love You
by changming yuan
Is certainly the most abused utterance
Made by so many men and women
On so many occasions
In so many languages and dialects
It has become a meaningless euphemism
Of such as:
I want to fuck you
I want to talk dirty with you
I want to kiss you, touch you
Smell you, hear you, watch you
But if I say what I mean to say
You would be offended, scared
Disgusted, appalled, though you may well
Want to say exactly the same to someone else
So damn hypocritical
I Love You

0 thoughts on “I Love You

  1. yeah i know, really. i’m so cynical about those three words being in the same sentence. people should be able to improvise sonnets when they say things like i love you. unless x party understands that love is an inborn unintelligible inevitability, an unspecific guarantee. until the sense of home in another person comes along, that’s specific and ego accepts. nobody takes the time to wax the fuck out of love these days. what happened to chivalry?
    sorry everyone. i digress. but i like this poem lots and lots. it presents a specific glamor of love inside my very own pandora’s glove compartment.
    worship breathing. everyday is today. there’s true love.
    take care. s

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