I'm Sorry, This Is As Good As It's Been For A While Now

I’m Sorry, This Is As Good As It’s Been For A While Now
by reed posey
Lay yourself to heavy hands
Take a step to hear behind you
from a place of still it comes
Listening too hard to the world
The nuclear ipod
The infinite within the infinite
Both sides of the coin
And God is a question of presence
A question of what is
Of course you can’t believe it:
The future is a dream
The past is a stone sunk in the river
And now is the time we wait until we can live out our dreams
What’s on TV?
Have you heard the new Justin Timberlake?
It’s actually pretty good.
Say, where can I get a pair of those?
Put your shoulder to the grindstone
Sleep with one eye open
Clear your mind
Be your own boss

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  1. Coming May 27 2010
    Uranus enters Aries
    Lights! Camera! Action! War!
    It’s coming to the planet Earth and everyone living here on or around May 27th, 2010. The planet Uranus is entering the sign of Aries, and here’s the deal: People can be pushed only so far before they flip out. Sooner or later it always happens. The dawn comes. They wake up. They see the light, or at least what they think is the light. Suddenly, they are compliant no more. Cooperative and smiling no more. Silent no more. Paralyzed no more.
    You, too. You no longer sit around procrastinating, rationalizing, scheming, living in the past and telling yourself stories about the future. You blow the lid off your own life, mainly because you refuse to live another minute the way you have been living, or rather, NON-living. That’s it, Pal!. Forget all the pussy-footing ballerina dance you’ve been doing. Come out of the shadows. Show your face. Lay it on the line. Blurt it out. Don’t think. Do. Light the freakin’ fuse already and get out of the way. And as for the rest of the people in your life, they’d better not take a nap on a lawn you’re mowing if they don’t want to lose a leg.
    Yeah, that’s it. Blow the whole thing sky high if you have to. This is the entrance of the planet Uranus into the sign or Aries.
    On a personal level, this is your rebirth, your regeneration, your personal Easter Sunday. It’s a total make over, a comeback to beat all comebacks, the new start everybody is always hoping and praying for. It’s the return of vitality and youth. It’s the fire of passion and the rush you can get only when you are finally willing to take action, anything, even if it’s stupid or perilous.
    You have to prove that you won’t tolerate one more second of repression, suppression, oppression, or being, don’t even pardon the expression, shit upon. This is your private revolution, your personal act of rebellion, your cry for freedom, validation and recognition and the fight for individual rights that will make your history your history.
    Right now, this minute, in every corner of the planet, everyone is pissed at somebody, and everyone is sick and tired of being blamed for everybody’s else’s problems. It’s a turning point for you, me, and the guy next door. It’s the battle for honesty, and a renewed confidence and belief in yourself and your ability to be a force to be reckoned with.
    Dominance! That’s it. This is the attempt at dominance and the demand for respect. Sounds great, only, on a global scale, this means war. The dominance bug we usually think of traditionally “male” is going around and biting everybody–male, female and everything in between. People not only want change, they want to be the agents of it. All of a sudden everybody wants to be the boss, so check it out.
    Just think of all the big shots in Washington D.C., Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, as well as everybody else milling around Times Square. They all think they’ve got damned good reasons to smack some major ass. Even if there will be some backing down from July though December when Uranus goes retrograde, from that point on, it’s going to be a new world.
    On a personal level, you will see why total peace and quiet will not be possible, mainly because you don’t want any. You will be too sensitive to being manipulated, abused or intruded upon to tolerate anything you perceive to be bad treatment or injustice.
    So imagine the solidarity that can come out of the shared fight for freedom and justice. Imagine also the dark form of anarchy that results from that sort of attitude on a collective scale when people only think of themselves. Don’t bother to run for the hills. It’s bound to be the same story up there. In an era of social revolution, you are either fighting for changing or barricading yourself in against it.
    To know how the presence of Uranus at the beginning of Aries feels, quickly gulp down three grande cups of double espresso, although when Uranus hits, you won’t need a drop of it. The caffeine- type surge will be coursing through your pituitary, through your adrenals and into your actions. From now on it’s all about fight , not flight.
    This is a passion for living such as we haven’t seen in a long time. We’ll just have to wait to see who gives the best spanking.
    How does that affect each sign of the Zodiac?
    Tune in around that period .

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