Itz Motherz Day

A friend of ours reads online journals at random and came across the following entry. Let this be our tribute to Mother’s Day, spell check and $5 lunch menus.

May 09, 2010 – Sunday
Itz Motherz Day. So of course tha bitch had 2 make me feel like SHIT! She really is good at dat shit u know it? I think she be practicing that shit. Tryna figure out how many wayz she can put me down and insult me… And she don’t know SHIT ABOUT ME!
I mean, I realize she gave birth to me and all that… And she lived with me for 18 yearz… and then off and on for the next 9 yearz after that. But she does NOT know, everything I’ve seen, everything I’ve done, everything I’ve experienced… and she could NEVER understand why I am the way I am. Shit homie, i barely understand why I am the way I am. How could she POSSIBLY have a fuccin clue!!!
But no, she wanna diss me for how I look, how i dress, how I act, how I respond to situations, how i feel about certain thingz… who the fucc is she 2 judge me! I mean, i know she’s my Mom but it ain’t her place 2 judge me now.
I think I’m doin real good considering I only been out the pen 3 1/2 months. I’m working a legit job, ain’t touchin dope, ain’t doin nothin… But no, she still wanna constatnly hound me about tha petty shit like how I dress! What da fucc bitch?
Anyway, despite her really really gettin 2 me this morning, I still went 2 church with her and took her & my step dad out 2 eat Mexican food at this cheap mexican place that has a $5 lunch menu. And since I waz paying i just ordered a $1.99 enchalata off the Ala Carte menue, so the total waz only like $14.
For desert Mom wanted fried ice cream which luckily waz free 4 Mother’s Day. And she shared it with me which waz cool cuz I’d never had it, & crazy enough TRYING FRIED ICE CREAM was actually on my list of thingz I wanna do before I die—right up their with KILL SOMEBODY, (which i actually X-ed off my list while I waz n prison after deciding doin life n there didn’t really appeal 2 me that much). LOL!
I tell myself LAUGH NOW CRY LATER… ANd later never comes cuz I never cry. So when I’m mad, just laugh. When I’m hurt, just laugh. When I’m depressed, just laugh. When I’m confused, just laugh. When I look like a fool, just laugh. When everybody be starin, just laugh. And if laughin don’t work, then just put on a cold hard glare & look as mean as possible & that’ll get u through too! Just what ever u do, don’t let anybody have the pleasure of seein u in pain…

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  1. This might be the best thing I have ever read. She is a fuccin genius, man. There’s a method to her fried-ice cream madness. I mean, when laughing doesn’t work, I put on that cold hard glare too. . . This is Lansing, bitches.

  2. seems kind of genderless to me, but maybe I can’t see a man saying to himself “laugh now cry later.” Either way, him or her, it doesn’t matter. I liked this line: “And she lived with me for 18 yearz… and then off and on for the next 9 yearz.” Kind of sums up the attitude …

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